Celebrate the Beauty and Fluidity of the Latest Luxuries for the Bathroom

Until recently the bathroom was merely a room we simply used for its functional charms and for our own necessities. The idea of spending quality, relaxing time within the confines of the bathroom was a formality, but now this has all changed and this is all due to the wide variety of luxury bathroom items readily available online and in bathroom suppliers showrooms.

With such an abundance of elegant furnishings and furniture for the bathroom it has become one of the main rooms set out for refurbishment, transforming the rest room in to a place where a 5 minute flit for a quick wash is now a reality.

An integral part to play in the evolution of the bathrooms interior comes down to the amazing choices in bathroom furniture. These iconic elements have increased to such status that they have become a sensational fashion item that exudes style, elegance and fluidity to any bathrooms interior.

Bathroom furniture has come such a long way over recent years, where the unique shapes, designs and colours balance out to create fabulous combinations that transform even the dullest of rooms in to something really special. The variety to choose from is now so extensive that it is easy to find a modern, contemporary or traditional piece of bathroom furniture that is suited to your exact tastes at an affordable price. Most quality bathroom suppliers now import the majority of items they offer from all sorts of destinations from around the world. This allows for them to purchase goods at low cost and subsequently enabling them to pass on these additional savings to the customer.

Furthermore the bathroom of today has become a priority of importance to such an extent that it is now widely believed to be more important than the kitchen for all intents. The bathroom is now regarded as a retreat or haven to unwind, relax and waste away the hours whilst you enjoy time to yourself and subsequently should reflect this in design. Furnishings, furniture, fittings and fixtures alike should be comfortable and soothing creating an ambient atmosphere that automatically induces enjoyment from the time you enter to the point you leave. Items such as the Jacuzzi and Whirlpool bath are perfect for this, providing you with an amazing array of features that allow you to listen to your favourite music whilst you experience the glorious feeling of water massaging your entire body.

You can purchase almost any bathroom furniture you can think of; this could be to match your interior colour or be integrating under a colour co-ordinated design. We each have our own preferences and taste so it is always wise to consider asking the advice of your supplier, this way you will end up with a bathroom that is totally unique to yourself.

Graham Horsefall writes for Insignia who have just launched their latest selection of luxury steam showers.

The Importance of Colors and Fixtures in New Construction Homes

Styling and designing are two essential concepts that contribute to the beauty of new construction homes. If you have just purchased your dwelling spot, perhaps you are currently in the stage of thinking of ways on how to make it attractive.


Applying paint to the interior and exterior surfaces of the house is a sure-fire tip to make the house livelier. But the importance of paint doesn’t rely alone on the colors it brings. Every surface of the house is given new life by the paint. It also adds to the durability of the surface. For instance, metal surfaces on the outside of the house become more protected against rusting and faster rotting. Paint can also hide imperfections such as small holes and cracks on concrete surfaces.

House parts also become easier to decorate when surfaces such as walls are already painted. Areas such as the living room become more manageable to style and design as you can mix, match, or contrast colors in order to arrive to a visually-appealing display. In short, house paint becomes point of reference as to what the colors of the furniture, appliances, and fixtures would be.

Furniture and Fixtures

May decorators and stagers are in consensus that a house would certainly be incomplete without the furniture and fixtures on its different parts. One of the most obvious reasons is because the presence of these things would help other persons to determine which room is it. By mere looking on them, one could already identify that this is the bathroom, that is the dining room, and over there is the kitchen.

Behind the identification purposes, the importance of functionality surfaces. Putting one furniture or fixture one after another increases the functions performed by a house part. For instance, the living room serves as an entertainment hub for the family when there is a television set, game stations, or home theater systems in it.

The kitchen performs wonders when there are cooking appliances in it. Blenders, microwaves, and toasters give additional functionality to the space. Kitchen cabinets serve as space-savers. Canisters and other storage boxes prevent the piling of clutter on counter tops and kitchen island.

If your newly-purchased house has enough kitchen space, you can include a bar area to serve as entertainment and reception area while you prepare and cook meals. The bar area becomes more functional with the presence of bar stools, counter area, and some selections of wines and beverages.

When paint colors meet the functions of furniture and fixtures, your new construction home becomes a perfect spot fit for obtaining a relaxing comfort after doing household chores or after a busy day in school or work.

How To Improve Your Rooms With Bespoke Furniture And Fixtures

It is important for you to maintain a well-balanced home. Every area has to go well with the others. Unless of course you want to live in a house messed up with disorganized dividers and insufficient storages, you want to maximize your residence despite the limitation in space. In as much as you adore Harry Potter and his friend Ron Weasley, you would abhor the Weasley’s home that is looking unsteady with the floor layout.

The little spaces left in an unbalanced house will only be home to dusts and other undesirable elements. No matter where you turn your eyes on, all you see are dirts and other odd things you wish you can just get rid of in a snap. Instead of filling the house with useful decorations, you cannot help but settle with these unsightly things.

Well, like any other household problems, you can always work around this issue by making use of custom-built furniture and fixtures.

What you can do is that you can install bespoke shelving or cabinetry. If there are any issues with the proportion in your home, you can deal with it this way and you would be surprised by the wonders it can do. To make sure that the fixtures go well altogether, you can always request for a specific design of your choice.

You can do the same with your bedroom. If the corners do not seem to have good positioning, you can always use bespoke wardrobes that can cover if not remove those angles that do not seem to be in good place. It is best to choose the wardrobe that does not only go well with the other elements in your house but also the one that is functional. A clothing storage with enough sections can be very beneficial for a number of clothes you want to fit in. But still, a sliding door as its door would be much more efficient for a very limited area.

Also the same thing can be done with your kitchen. Surely, you need enough space to prepare meals and share meals with the rest of the family even more so when you have guests. The use of bespoke wooden kitchen cabinets can organize the area as well as to enhance its looks.

All it really takes is the right choice of furniture and fixtures as well as the right product provider to help you install.

Stages Of House Building – Fittings And Fixtures

This marks the onset of finishing the house. It involves equipping the house with permanent furniture, some of which include;

· Ceilings and linings: This is in most cases viewed as part of the main construction rather than a finishing activity. However, with the evolution of ceilings from being just a means for under-roof cover to a decorative part of the interiors, it fits more in this category. A typical ceiling comprises of these distinct parts;

- Brandering: This refers to the framing or railing on which a ceiling hangs. Most brandering is made out of timber sections, built to span both ways and forming a mesh. Other materials include wire hangers as well as members made synthetic materials like UPVC. This can be viewed as the structural part of the ceiling.
- Cover / lining: this is the material that actually conceals the under-roof, although in some instances it is made to conceal services such as electrical cables. Most ceiling cover is in the form of boards for example chip board, gypsum board or even synthetic sound absorbing panels as is common in acoustic linings. The cover is fixed onto the Brandering, mostly by the use of nails or screws, but in some cases it is placed directly onto the Brandering, making it part of the finish.
- Edge finish: This is commonly provided in the form of a cornice. Most of these cornices are moulded to assume a particular look, in most cases to provide a harmonious transition from wall to the soffit.

· Wardrobes: Most of these are custom made fixtures and are used for the storage of clothes and shoes. They are in most cases made out of a blend of both natural timber and artificial boards. They include doors, hanging rail and shoe racks.

· Vanity Tops and Dressers: Vanity tops are used to hold wash basins and therefore provide a platform for placing toiletries like tooth brush holders. Dressers, on the other hand, provide a platform for placing clothes and other items of clothing, including a mirror and drawers, mostly for storing jewelry.

· Shelves: Common in kitchens and stores. Basically used for the storage of items.

· Cabinets: Cabinets are similar to shelves but with doors, just like the wardrobe. These are also common in kitchens.

· Rails and skirtings: These are mouldings provided along the wall, and they serve different purposes as below;

- Picture rail: The highest of all (apart from the cornice) usually at the level of door head. Used for hanging pictures and other items like antiques.
- Dado rail: Found just below the mid height of the building. Sole purpose is to prevent the wall against damage by the back of the chair, although it also serves the aesthetic role of breaking the monotony of the wall.
- Skirting: Usually at the edge between the floor and the wall and has functions similar to the cornice.

· Pelmet boxes: Provided at the head of windows. They give enclosure to the curtain hanging area and also provide runners for the same.

· Architraves and mouldings: These are used to finish the joint between the door and the door frame.

· Cills and window boards: provided at the foot of the widow opening. They serve the purpose of keeping rainwater from seeping through the wall and also for aesthetics, especially on the inner side. They also provide a platform for placing items like potted plants.

7 Steps to a Perfect Master Bedroom – Furniture, Planning and Design

Your master bedroom is the one place that you can go after a long day and relax completely… right? If you’re shaking your head, you may be in need of a master bedroom makeover. The mood of the room and the bedroom furniture should be just right – the paint should soothe and lull you to sleep. The comforter should call your name and lure you into its embrace. If there’s no lulling, soothing or luring happening in your house, you can simply follow these steps and create a space you can’t wait to curl up in.

1. Plan
Planning your bedroom is the first essential step to your sleepy oasis. When thinking about your bedroom you first need to collect ideas and brainstorm your favourite looks and the way you want your bedroom to feel. An easy way to do this is by looking through design magazines or online furniture outlets to gather decorating ideas and look at pictures of bedroom furniture that you are fond of.

You will also need to measure your space to ensure no furniture returns or odd furniture placements.

2. Purpose
Take a minute to decide on the purpose of your master bedroom. Will it be your cozy, curl-up space? A night-time getaway with a TV and sitting area? Will you put your sewing table in the corner for quick seam stitch-ups? Your bedroom can be as simple or as multi-purpose as you make it, but this should be decided before you start picking out bedroom furniture.

3. Theme
The theme of your bedroom is extremely important. It helps tie all of the colours, furniture lines and lighting together, and will ultimately help you make logical decisions about all of your choices. Think about whether you want a casual, continental or country bedroom. What about a romantic, relaxing or Victorian theme? Choose a theme that best reflects your (and your partners) personality. Once you have done that, you can start thinking about which elements of the theme you would like to incorporate. (Bedrooms are best with simplified themes that utilize the most important elements as beautiful accents to your room, not as a main feature.)

4. Colours
The colours that you choose for your master suite should be warm and inviting. Some people prefer neutrals while others will choose a bold colour – the choice is up to you. Just remember that your colours should reflect your theme and you can always bring in accenting colours through fabrics, decorative pillows and bedding.

5. Bedroom Furniture
After you have measured and thought about theme, you can start browsing for your furniture. There are several things to consider while you are shopping.

Decide if you want matching pieces or an eclectic mix.
Make sure the night stands have enough storage space.
Choose furniture that fits into your theme. For example, a “Romantic” theme might call for a beautiful, modern canopy bed with rot iron detailing, while a relaxing oasis may call for a soothing, fabric covered headboard.
Don’t overcrowd your room.
Choose the furniture that fits your needs; make sure you have enough space for all of your bedroom accoutrements.

6. Lighting
When decorating their bedroom, many people often forget the very important detail of lighting. Lighting a room properly can completely change the way your furniture and skin tone look, the warmth or the room and the subtlety of accent colours. Make sure your room has enough lighting to suit your needs – choose bedside table lamps if you like to read, or a standing lamp if you have a sitting area. The main light fixture will be a focal point, so choose wisely and make sure it fits with the overall flow of the room. Another consideration could be whether or not you also need a ceiling fan for warmer climates.

7. Accents
This is where you tie it all together and complete your look. The accents in a room often make or break the look and should be chosen with care. First, make a list of everything you need. Some purchases to think about are:

Curtains and blinds
Bedding – duvets, comforters, throw blankets, pillowcases, etc.
Decorative pillows
Wall hangings and picture frames
An area rug for chilly wood floors
Mirrors – a stand-up mirror for a full-length view is optimal if you have the space.
Shopping for your accents is where you can truly bring the elements and theme of your room together.

With some planning, shopping and your own personal touch, your bedroom can become the room of your dreams.

How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet and Fixtures Today, Starting From Scratch

Getting started is often the hardest part of making major changes to our homes. It is sometimes difficult to know where to begin, no matter which room we start with.

Let us concentrate on the bathroom right now and help you start the process of making changes to achieve the bathroom you will be proud of for years to come.

There are several things that need to be taken into account before any decisions are made at all.

Firstly, perhaps the most important issue has to be your budget. Be truthful in your analysis of what you can afford to spend on changing your bathroom to be the room you love. Otherwise you will find it is the room you hate!!!

Always allow at least 10% more funds than what you are expecting to spend. This means that it always costs more than you think and usually takes more time to have it completed too.

It is possible to make your bathroom a special place no matter what your budget limits are. Do not be restricted in your decisions but look for alternative products to achieve the same results within your budget constraints.

Secondly, an important matter that must be considered is the amount of space that is available in your bathroom to achieve the changes you wish to make. It is useless to purchase beautiful new fixtures that will not fit into the space you have. So be guided by your measuring tape along with your builders advice.

These issues apply to all changes that are to be made to any portion of your home whether you are simply updating, building a new home or doing a complete renovation or remodeling of your bathroom.

The next thing to ask is: “why do I want to change my bathroom?”

Could these be some of the reasons you have decided to do something about the bathroom in your home?

– It is grungy and lacks light
– It is so old fashioned that it must have come with the Ark!
– There is no storage space
– It is too small to cope with the family anymore
– The fittings are not working properly
– The shower is too small
– The vanity is all chipped
– The room is smelly because it is damp all the time
– There is not enough counter space
– I am tired of the colors and fittings

These could be some of the contributing factors that are pushing you to change your bathroom! Most homeowner in remodeling mode will agree with you completely.

Thirdly, now that you have analyzed your reasons for changing the bathroom the next question is “what style of room do you envisage developing from your plans?”

In plain language – what do you want your bathroom to be like when it is finished?

Is your preference an antique style or maybe a country cottage look? There is a whole world of choice to suit your particular preference. Once these main questions have been answered the first item of bathroom furniture that you will consider is the vanity cabinet and sink. This choice will set the style and the atmosphere you wish to achieve and enables you to match all the other fixtures to this theme. There is a large range of sizes, from the smallest pedestal or wall mounted unit to the largest double vessel sink cabinets on display at most plumbing suppliers and also online too.

You will be amazed at what is on offer for you to consider.

Types of Brass Fittings and Uses

Most systems which carry alkaline fluids choose brass, brass is a metal which is ductile, attractive metal machinable and are also resistant to corrosion. Brass has Copper, Zinc, Chromium to an extent which makes it rust proof, Lead in brass makes it machinable. Copper, Zinc with a combination of aluminum makes it ductile, even resistant to dezincification which means brass can be used for fittings which can be exposed to a very alkaline environment, which can pass a high degree of Chloride tests. The brass fittings are used in plumbing and transmission of Corrosive chemicals due to it being an alloy of Copper. Brass Fittings with lower percentage of Zinc, Higher percentage of Aluminum and Chromium, is very robust to Corrosion, Oxidation and is always used in environment where the application can fail due to rusting and can be also used in High Pressure environment.

The Brass has excellent Characteristics, they are

1. It is a Non-ferromagnetic material.

2. The Brass is different from other metals, they are easy to recycle.

3. The Brass has a higher Malleability as compared to Zinc or Bronze.

4. It has fascinating acoustic properties suitable to use in Musical Instruments.

5. The Brass has low friction characteristics.

6. It’s a good conductor of heat and conducts 28% of Electricity.

7. The casting of Brass is easy and has almost lower melting point.

8. The Brass is totally resistant to corrosion, also resistant from corroding salt water.

The Applications of the Brass In the Musical Devices:

The Brass being a good malleable and has a sufficient acoustic properties it is well suited for making musical instruments like tubas, French horns, trombones, Trumpets and bells.

In the Industrial Uses:

Unlike the iron, Brass doesn’t create sparks when it is subjected to friction, where sparks can create a fire mishap. Industrial pipes carrying highly inflammable gases and chemicals are fitted with brass valves.

Brass has antibacterial Qualities:

Brass mainly contains copper and Zinc contents which makes it an efficient antibacterial surface. The copper based paints acting as antibacterial are used in painting smaller to larger boat hulls.

In Air conditioning and Heat recovery systems:

Brass is perfectly anti-corrosion and good thermal conductivity, due to which they are used in air conditioning and heat exchangers.